Apollo 10

Apollo 10 gives you insights about your
projects, work activity and team collaboration
so that you can be more efficient and successful.

Apollo 10's automatic updates highlight your contribution and achievements. It uses your data to help you tell your story to your team and manager.

Be amazing at work! Tell the story well


Why Now?

Modern Workplace (Work 2.0) is a complex, fast-paced and decentralized environment. Most teams are not 100% collocated. Communication primarily happens over digital channels like email and IM. A typical employee works on 4-6 projects simultaneously and uses over ~36 different platforms. Work is always ON and ambiguity is commonplace.

Work 2.0 is overwhelming as a result of which studies show that 68% employees are not engaged at work!

Apollo 10 (A10) is designed to help you in tracking and presenting your work in the modern workplace! A10 enables

  • Transparent Communication

  • Manager and Peer Recognition

  • Greater Employee Engagement

  • Motivated & Inspired Work

How does it work?

Apollo 10 connects to all the digital platforms commonly used in a workplace. It then uses AI and Machine Learning Algorithms to understand your work context i.e projects, collaborators and timelines. Based on this information, it surfaces your progress, achievements and risks in the form of automated weekly and monthly reports and provides an easy way to share these with your managers and peers.



Automated Reports
Weekly Reminders
Weekly Updates

Thank your colleagues
Calls out the rockstars

Appreciation & Feedback
Share reports with peers
Like & Comment for feedback

Bundling different workstreams
Status Updates & Risks

Mindshare & Notes
Automated focus tracking
Highlight achievements & Blockers


Growth Plan

Monthly & Quarterly Rollups
Empowered Perf Reviews
Data driven crucial conversations 

Best collaborators
Project Impacts and Costs



Executive Dashboards
360 degree Org view     
Track Project ROIs

Employee Engagement
Improve Engagement
Greater Transparency



Basic Plan
Free. Forever

Growth Plan


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